The W5 Ninjas

Internet Ninjas

The Ninjas are highly trained in multiple areas if of the web world. They are capable of working alone or in groups and are highly efficient at what they do. They are always prepared to handle the most detailed and sensitive tasks and thrive on challenges. They have been known to speak in code and dream of markup languages.

Toni Gauthier

Pixel Ninja


editedptkToni began her interest in the world of web design in her days at IBM. She spent 13 years with IBM in the manufacturing division, helping to build computer chips that are in many of the personal computers and mobile devices that we all use every day. Although programming and web design were a far distant thought at this time for Toni, this was her first peek into this amazing realm. Fast forward to 2008; Toni had decided to pursue her education in Computer Information Systems after a relocation to the Capital District opened up this opportunity. As a graphic artist by nature and heart, and programmer by curiosity, the web design program became the path for this Pixel Ninja to hone her mad skills. Since web design is a passion of Toni’s, all it takes to open up a conversation about graphic or web design with her is about an hour and a cup of coffee (black, please and medium roast). If you ask her about her motorcycle or marathon training, triple the time and the coffee.

Skills and expertise: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JQuery, Javascript, mobile application development (iOS and Android), content management systems(Concrete5, WordPress), Search Engine Optimization, Adobe Creative Suite, content creation

Nick Jubrey

Dojo Master


Nick Jubrey

Nick Jubrey Started W5 Web Designs to help small business get online and develop there online presence, Helping
business find how to best spend their time and money on line to provide the biggest return on investments.
That ranges from teaching social media 101 to content creation and mamagement plans to Advanced Search Engine Optimization.
Nick’s favorite coffee is a French Press Cafe Au Lait and
if he ever has the time he plans on finishing his first Fixie conversion project.

Skills and expertise: WordPres, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),Inbound Marketing, Analytics, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL