SOS Entertainment DJ’s came to us with a few needs. To start, they needed a web friendly site that offered a good user experience.  One concern that they shared with us is that there is another SOS Entertainment company in California. Since this SOS Entertainment DJ service is from Upstate NY, they wanted to make sure people got the right DJ.  We achieved this by ensuring that the home page (and other pages) clearly states “Upstate NY” so that users immediately know they’re in the right place.  W5 went to work creating a friendly responsive site that looks great on computers, tablets and phones. W5 also did a work up on their SEO and local search too, helping them be found by the right people. SOS also needs other promotional items on a regular basis.  They often work in venues that use flyers and brochures for promotions and events; we were able to answer those needs to by producing flyers and brochures for SOS.