Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+

And what they mean for your business

As of October 2012 Facebook announced that it had over a billion monthly users. Twitter reports that it has 500 million users . It’s rumored that Google plus has over 100 million users currently. As a business owner social networking should become part of your regularly scheduled activities. With over 1 billion people at your fingertips, quickly get updates to your customer sent directly to their computers and phones. This means your clients don’t have to look for you to find out what’s new with your business, you essentially are advertising to them for no cost.

Social media, or what we like to call social marketing, can be used for different reasons depending on your business needs. For restaurants that could mean getting out daily specials or offering coupons to help deplete your extra inventory. For retail stores it could mean getting new product information out light years faster than a mailer ever could. Is your business in the information field as are a lot of Non-Profits? Then you have a plethora of people who are waiting to hear from you, to see your Tweets and your Facebook posts.

If you are not computer savvy or you just don’t have the time, that is not an issue. W5 can provide your company with the latest Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Social marketing accounts. We can set you up with a custom web space that will represent what your business is all about. Facebook has recently introduced a new way to display your data called Timeline that displays your content in a similar fashion to your website. This provides product familiarity, making your clients feel more comfortable with who you are. Using Facebook in this manner also puts a personal touch to you as a business owner and to your products and services. Contact us to find out how W5 has the potential to bring your business to millions of new customers.

An interesting side note is that Twitter is currently on its third logo design. It would seem they are updating their logo to keep current with changing times and demographics. For more information on graphic design visit our graphic design page