I recently attended “The Secrets Behind Social Media Today,” a webinar hosted by HubSpot. I listened to experts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn discuss ways to make your social media presence the best it can be.  I picked up some great and easy to follow advice that I want to share with you today. One of the most important aspects of an awesome social media account is to have a strong bio.  You should have a profile picture and a cover photo that clearly showcases your company, contact information, and a short description on what your brand is about.  This sets a first impression for your audience and allows you to establish credibility.  It is just as important that you have lots of images that relate to your brand. Most users pay close attention to images over text and it gives your company a personal touch that makes you more relatable.

When it comes to content, it is important that your content is always relevant to your brand.  For example, if you are a bakery then you should be posting mouth-watering images of cupcakes and bread and not pictures of rock bands. You should always make sure you post in your authentic voice because that will attract your target audience and get you more activity on your page. The panelists also suggest you follow the 80/20 rule on content.  20% of content promotes your brand and 80% of content should be about engaging the audience and having a conversation.  This keeps your audience from feeling attacked by too many sales pitches and allows them to connect with your business.  The panelists say the absolute best way to start a conversation is through the use of hashtags.  Don’t know how to start using hashtags?  Follow big name businesses in your industry and use their hashtags and start up conversations with them.  This builds your credibility and also gets more users to check out your page.   Using hashtags and “trends” are good ways to keep users interested because it shows that you keep your content and brand current.  Develop your own hashtag for your business that’s easy to understand and give out incentives to those who use it, such as “get free merch with #WLW14!”

It is also a good idea to have advertisements that target your brand and ideal audience to increase awareness.  LinkedIn benefits from using these advertisements because it gets company recruitment through its users. Facebook has a lot of success through ads on newsfeeds since that is where users spend the most time.  You can measure the success of these campaigns through testing click through rates of your users.  The panelists suggest that social media use without data is like driving with your eyes closed.  There’s no point in experimenting and trying new methods on social media if you don’t have data to measure its success.  I hope this overview of the Webinar gives you the tools you need to create an awesome social media presence! Thanks for checking this out!