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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of being found online. It’s you goal as a business owner to get your business found at the top of the search listings. Business owners put forth a lot of time and effort in getting ranked high but are you being found by your local demographic? Local SEO is just as important as your overall SEO, there are different techniques and practices that need to be followed to be found locally that are not covered in traditional SEO development. Below are some of those practices. Is your business following them?

Create a Strategy

Are you doing anything to be googled locally. Set up a strategy for getting found. Get moving along the major social networks: Twitter, Facebook and definitely Google Plus.

Create Content, OFTEN

Now that you have those networks in place and working for you, benefit from them. Get posting information that pertains to what your clients will benefit from. If you are a restaurant, get your weekly specials up weekly. If you are a retail shop, post coupons or upcoming sales regularly. Blog about it, write some fresh content that compels your audience, create a sense of history or storylines. Get the audience feeling connected. Then, automate those blogs to post across your social media platforms.

Testimonials and reviews

These are both a big part of your user’s experience. You should be actively seeking these from your clients. They give a feeling of proof and show that you are a business that people want to patronize.

Localize your content so it sings to your audience

Do you mention your location in your website or better yet is your contact information available on all pages? Use terms that your fellow locals are familiar with, slang words that people in that area would know, people search for things the same way they speak, take advantage of that.

Get Responsive already

Optimize the viewing on handheld devices. Give the pertinent information right at the top of the site. Links that they need maps to your location and your contact information should also be easily accessible. If this means a website redesign, then do it.

Get a Local SEO Audit

Have a professional audit your local SEO presence. They can get your local SEO where it needs to be or possibly guide you down the path of local perfection. Contact us and let’s get started.

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