Your Website better be Mobile Friendly or else What will the fall out be if you don’t have a mobile friendly site yet?

Google started, some months ago, adding a “mobile friendly” tag to it’s mobile search results. Since then the internet has been a buzz as to what it means and what’s next. Google made it clear in this article from February it intends to use “moblie-friendliness as a ranking factor” and it “will have a significant impact in your search results”. So what does google mean by significant? How will this impact your search results?

Is your site Mobile Friendly?

Regardless of the effects you need to know if you will be affected by these changes. Here is a simple test to see if your results will be penalized, use your smartphone and do a Google search for your website. In this example we used W5Designs (shameless plug). You can see that in beginning of the meta description, that’s highlighted yellow, there is the Google tag “Mobile-Friendly”. This tell us that Google sees your site a mobile optimized site.

Is your website mobile friendly

You can also put the website into Googles Mobile-Friendly test here. If your site passes this test, you will see this result. Mobile Friendly Test Pass

If you site does not pass, you will see this result.

Mobile Friendly Test Fail

It will be followed by the issues that the test found.

Mobile Friendly Test Fail Reasons

If you pass this test, your site either has a mobile version that google approves of or your site is responsive and that pleases Google. Now if you did not pass the test, is all lost?

My site failed the “Mobile-friendly” test now what?

The perfect solution in Google’s eyes is to bite the bullet and optimize your site for
mobile. They have even been as kind as to dedicate an entire website
to helping you get where you need to be in their eyes. That is the most extreme
choice you have, it’s also the most costly, lets face it you will need to do this
eventually so if this is not what you do right now you should be talking to your
developer about what it will take to get you there soon. The next logical thing
for you to do is find out how much of your traffic comes from mobile devices.
Take a look at your Google Analytics account.

Audience > Mobile > Overview

This will tell you what devices your users are coming from, giving you
some serious information to help you make your next decisions.

Can you get an idea of what the effects will be?

While Google does not come right out and tell you how intense the effects are, you can in fact get a general idea of the outcome. If you are interested in the gritty details and
number crunching take a look at this article from Bryson Meunier. Here’s the nuts and bolts of the penalty. If you have a lot of search traffic coming in from mobile devices you will suffer. Get your self in gear and develop a mobile friendly site.