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Here we will explain in detail how your dream will become reality. You can click one of the links below to take you directly to that section or you can read How it Works in its entirety, it’s almost like looking into the future.

Web design can seem complicated if you have never gone through the process before. So, to make things understandable here is how a web site works.


First you need a domain, a domain is like a phone number – it’s where a person “calls” your website but instead of dialing a phone number, they enter the name of the site in the URL bar (Uniform Resource Locator). Don’t get hung up on the verbiage, it is that bar on the top of the screen where you type in We will take you through the buying process if you do not already have a domain or we could purchase it for you.


A host is where you store your files for your website. Once you type in your domain in the URL bar, the Internet not only directs you to the website, but it calls up the files that are comprised of your most awesome website. There are many hosting providers that you can find online. Here at W5 we have our own secure dedicated server that we can keep your files on. Using a dedicated server offers faster page load time, faster response time and a more secure environment for your website than a shared server would offer. Having W5 handle all your backend web needs takes all the headache out for you. This means if you need changes to be made all you have to do is make a phone call or send us an e-mail to get your site updated. If you already have your own hosting provider W5 can work without also. We offer very competitive rates and hosting plans contact us for more information.


Once you have your domain locked in we need to figure out content. Content is what your site says about your company or the info created in your site. This is a big deal – your customers come to your site because they want a product or info that you have. Customers will leave your site in a heartbeat if they don’t like what they read in your site. Some customers know exactly what they want their site to say, others may have a hard time figuring out the right words. W5 can either insert your given information or create it for you if you would like.

Graphic Design

Every company needs a logo, something that expresses who you are and what you do in a creative easy to look at fashion. Logos are a statement and give your customer a sense of familiarity. If you already have a logo, great! If not, W5 can design one that best describes who you are. Logos are not just for websites, they are also for: Business cards, company letterhead and handouts. W5 can create all these for you and have them printed and we can deliver them to your door.


Your customers need a way to contact you. That is probably one of the main reasons that you are interested in getting a website built. Chances are also good that you already have an email address. If you already have company email hosting then you are all set and can move on to the next section. If your email is @GMAIL or @YAHOO or even @AOL, it is time to get an email that represents your company name. W5 can set up your email for you and all of your employees. We can also help you set up your regular email account to handle your new accounts emails, so you only have to go to your established email account to send and receive your messages.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems (CMS) is what W5 uses to develop almost all of our websites. CMS is very cost effective and gives you, the user, a very powerful platform to make changes to your website. While it is not necessary for you to change your site, the option is always there. W5 offers free training and tutorials to all its new customers on how to use this system, too. CMS is the best way to handle all your information in an organized, easy to display format.

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