The other week, I read an article entitled, “The 5 Habits for Social-Media Success.” I thought it had some good advice worth sharing with our readers.  The first tip was to have a morning planning session.  This is your time to energize and reflect on the day ahead.  You can do this by working out, enjoying nature, or practicing mediation or yoga.  Social media is such a major part of our day-to-day lives that we don’t stop to take a minute to reflect.  This is definitely a tip I try to incorporate in my life every day and I think this tip is particularly helpful.  The second tip is to use your resources.  This can mean scheduling your social media posts ahead of time.  There are plenty of social media management websites and a great one is Hootsuite.   This enables you to provide fresh content even when you’re not at your computer.

The third tip was the tip that I thought was the most useful and important to remember.  That tip was to “unplug,” meaning you don’t have to provide your followers with constant updates about what you’re up to.  Live in the moment and enjoy what you’re doing rather than finding the perfect filter on Instagram or writing a pithy tweet.  From a creative perspective, unplugging allows your mind a break so that you can come up with even better content to post on your accounts.  If you take any of the advice from this post, make sure it is to unplug.  The fourth tip is to create an engaging content strategy.  The author states that by changing up your content, your viewers will be excited to see what you plan to post next.  Make sure to engage and interact with your audience to get a conversation going. You should create a “visual feast” so that your viewers see something new on each of your social media accounts.  Don’t post the same things on all your accounts.

The final tip was to work with a team you trust.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this tip because a lot of people post without asking others for ideas.  The author suggests having a harmonious team will offer a fresh perspective and a supportive environment.  I thought these tips provided a unique perspective into the world of social media.  A tip I would add to this list would be to always use your authentic voice when posting content.  You want your posts to be consistent with your brand and image.  It also makes your posts seem genuine rather than forced.  Your audience will appreciate the authentic version of you and it will lead to like-minded followers.  A final piece of advice is to make sure to use these tips daily or weekly because social media is constantly evolving and you must also evolve to keep up.