Web Design

Why Do You Need a Website?

Having a website in today’s market is imperative for many reasons. It’s easy for clients to remember a website address, it helps you reach a larger market of clients, it’s easy to change prices and update your content quickly and – one of the most important aspects – it is on 24 hours a day.

Easier and faster for your clients to look at your website via their computer or the ever-popular smart phone to your contact information or to find out more about your products and services. The traditional phone call is seeming less important in today’s market and it was even five years ago. Having your information online makes your company more accessible and helps create brand marketing.

Face it – by not having a website you are losing clients. If someone cannot find you on the Internet, they’ll look for your competition. Those who have websites will get clients first. Regardless of how wonderful your product or service is, not having a website will guarantee that someone else’s product or service gets the client first. With the enormous number of smart phones on the market your clients can pick up their phone and in seconds have your to go menu in hand or a list of all your available products and the direct link to your most convenient contact information.

You have many choices and services that are available to develop a website for you. Some companies offer a quick and easy template for you to fill your information out and get it online. You may know someone who is computer savvy and offers to develop your site for you or you may already have a site. The difference between all these options and the W5-created site is professionalism. Professional website development is imperative when you’re trying to reach a large market. To provide your information to the public it is of the utmost importance. Web design is more than fancy graphics and good color combinations. What goes into a website is careful programming, extensive scripting,a strong knowledge of the latest web trends and a solid understanding of your business and its needs. When your site is developed by a professional, you get professional results. ┬áMore people will be able to find your site in all the major search engines, your site will load quickly and simply and you’ll get more visitors.



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