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W5 Designs is a WordPress studio that was created in 2010 by Nick Jubrey. The idea was to offer premium custom web sites to small and medium sized businesses that had a need but could not afford what the larger agencies charged.  Originally, the thought was to provide affordable web site to everyone who needed one but as we progressed we realized that these businesses needed more than just a website to be successful.  Social media took off, online advertising became crucial to keep up with competitors, marketing their business became a need. W5 switched gears in ordered to meet the ever growing web. In 2013 W5 became a business design firm and not just a web design firm.
Now W5 Designs handles much more than web site development. Currently we are offering the following services:


Custom WordPress website

Responsive web design

Graphic design for print and web

Email marketing implementation

Social media marketing across the most popular platforms

Paid online advertising

Search engine optimization

Logo Design


Long gone are the days of just having a pretty web site, you need to stay on top of the ever growing internet to succeed and that is what we do to help your business thrive


W5 gives you one-on-one time to make sure that all your needs are fulfilled. We find out your needs as a company and give you options that other companies do not offer. You don’t have to be web savvy or a computer genius to understand the process. The idea is simple – you tell us what you are looking for and we handle the rest; the entire process is virtually painless. W5 is able to keep prices down because we do all our programming in house meaning that there are no outside contractors coding your site. W5 also hosts your website on its own personal dedicated server making sure that your site is as protected as it can be. W5’s websites are easy to update and make changes to when and if the time comes.


So there may have been some words thrown around here that you are unfamiliar with – that’s ok, take a look HERE for a detailed explanation on how your site goes from thought to fruition. Or feel free to Ask us a question if you have any questions. We look forward to making your web dreams a reality and thanks for learning about us.

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Nick Jubrey


President and {W5 Dojo MasterYes we are in fact Ninjas}

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